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Real People In A Facebook World

My main motivation for never going to prison is public showers.

Don’t get me wrong.

I have zero desire to commit any crime worthy of jail, but if I ever do get that stealing feeling, the thought of no privacy will make me think twice and reach for my wallet before I reach for a tag.

Privacy is a big deal to me and probably to you too, to all people who like to cover what’s personal.

Sadly, however, most Americans I know are more likely to actually show you their bodies before showing you their password, or *gasp*, their hearts.

Vulnerability is a tricky thing in our society.

In our era of social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the portals that show others who we are. We have more instant access to other people than ever before, yet there is very little vulnerability.

You can look up a potential date and find selfies galore, but anything real?

Good luck.

You’d have better luck wrestling candy from a toddler. (It’s actually much harder than you may think. Their nubby little fingers are quite strong when they’re fighting for sugar.)

How do we get a real picture of someone when everything imperfect is deleted or never shown to begin with?

How are we supposed to be vulnerable today? Where can we find any sense of connection with another human being when we’re all just posing for Facebook?

It’s intimidating to see only the best front that people show off online. It can be scary to share something much deeper and more imperfect like a soul.

Can I tell you a secret that only a few people know? Lean in close….

It’s worth it.

To see into another person’s soul, to know that they see and accept yours, is more beautiful than even the best filter.

Let’s take the leap together.

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

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