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Raising Up Mommy

Raising Up Mommy

Greetings mommas around the globe. You who bear children, who hold them in your womb only to be plucked out later and thrust into the world. You who raise tiny humans into someone, who hopefully, you’ll like as an adult. Welcome. Consider this your safe place. Welcome everyone else too for that matter. (Hey, we are just taking off here. We can’t afford to exclude anyone.)

Raising kids is a tricky business. I say business because, even though we love our kids, there are days it’s more demanding than any job we could have. Any given day you could be called upon by your family to be a counselor, doctor, teacher, chauffer, culinary artist, or warrior, and often, all on the same day. Amidst all of the busyness, our children are copying and internalizing everything we do.

My son, Sawyer, models how I behave, sound, and feel from day to day. If I’m excited and playful, so is he. If I’m sad and grumpy, so is he. If I’m relaxed and laid back, he usually is too. No pressure, right?!

In fact, I’ve found that being a mom is much more about BEING who I want my son to become, than it is about making him be a certain way. This business of raising kids is much more about raising myself than anyone else.

It’s definitely not easy forming small hearts and minds and no one wants to do it alone. If you’re anything like me, you do better with a group of friends that are there to support you, which is what I propose here. Feel free to post your experiences, funny moments, and best mom advice. I’ll do the same and together, we’ll figure out how to raise up mommy.

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